Well, it rained. There were a lot of folks there braving the elements. Was good to show our work, meet some awesome people. 

The real question though is would we do it again?  Probs not.  Why?  Was a total mish! 3am start - 7pm finish.  The stall set up from 5.30am was a disorganised free for all, traffic jams galore; complete with ole Lion ladies unhelpfully and continually barking at stall holders to move their cars - while they're the midst of trying to unload their vehicles and set up their stalls.  Very strange.

Only 1 coffee cart 45-minute wait. 

I'm guessing the fair would be good for traders who possibly don't have much to set up, but a pop up gallery is hard work.

Big thanks to the lovely traders who helped us with the pop-up Gazebo. 

We were some of the first in, but literally the last out, while all the Lions folk were sitting in the pub after a hard day’s graft.

Good experience to know we won't repeat it lols. 



We're setting up a pop up gallery at the 4th of March 2023.

If you haven't been to the Martinborough Fair,  it's a fantastic day out.

It's free to get in, and there's lots on to keep the whole family / whānau entertained. 

We'll be in the QW83 quandrant - see arrow on map below, so if you're driving in from Wellington, we'll be on the bottom right hand corner of the quandrant QW as you head in from the main road. 

The fairs happen twice a year first Saturday in February and March from 8am to 4pm. 

Please come say hi!  I don't get out much, as am too busy painting lols. So, I'm really looking forward to meeting you.am