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Fern and Leaf Paintings

Ferns are the glory of New Zealand forests and woven into the fabric of New Zealand. They belong to an ancient group of plants, extending back about 380-million years and grow in most places around Aotearoa, except on our highest mountain tops.

Ferns have had many uses throughout their long history. The roots of bracken have been eaten, ferns used for medicine and dwellings built from tree fern trunks. Whekī is used for retaining walls.

New Zealand is home to 194 species of native ferns, and roughly half can’t be found anywhere else on our earth.

The silver fern or ponga is New Zealand’s national symbol and is named for the silver underside of its fronds.

Fern fronds symbolize new life, beginning and growth.

I wanted to create a collection that has a sense of restfulness, the super chilled vibe of the forest, and represent the beauty of nature at different times and seasons.