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Cute Creature Paintings

The Cute Creatures collection is a fun series of playful paintings in bright, bold colours. The paintings are inspired by fascinating creatures I’ve met, some for a lifetime and others fleetingly.

Our aorangi (planet) generously lent us beautiful creatures to live alongside. Each with their own purpose in our fragile ecosystem. If humans apply careful management to their fragile social system, creature equity can be gained. All vote aye for Ko te Nga mea hanga o tatou Aorangi? YES!

There are scientific suggestions that hormone levels can affect a person's perception of cuteness. I’d personally like to blame the menopause. But I can’t, as I’ve always thought all creatures are utterly adorable, including the wee house spider who lives in my bathroom called Boris. It could be said that I’m an animal lover, but I also love insects, reptiles, birds, aquatic creatures, all creatures, great or small.

Apparently if something is cute, it’s more endearing. This painting collection is dedicated to all the cute creatures of tatou aorangi.

Long may cuteness reign. So adorbs!

Cute = attractive in a pretty or endearing way, delicate.