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Dreamy Tropical Botanic Paintings

The Dreamy Tropical Botanical collection are restful paintings in hues of greens and blues. I love the feeling of calm that the pieces in this collection create. Good for your soul.

The inspiration came from the laid-back / chilled vibe we get from the serenity of our natural environment. Like our sub-tropical native rainforests, dense native bush, freshwater creeks, and stunning rivers. The paintings are of monstera, ferns / Kiokio, leaves, trees, foliage and botanic galore.

I liken this series to forest bathing.

In the 1980s, the Japanese practice of ‘shinrin yoku’ emerged – this loosely translates to forest bathing. Practicing shinrin yoku is thought to reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, help sleep, improve your mood, and even lower blood pressure. Plus, trees convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen for us to breathe, so lungs love chillin' under the tree canopy. Forests are almost, but not quite, like Mother Nature’s version of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

If you work in a city, and it’s all rush, rush, rush, these paintings will bring a dreamy, chilled, peaceful sense of nature into your home.