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2024 Year of the Dragon

I haven’t ever really been a fan of the dragon, unlike my tuakana and tamahine.  But in 2024 dragons / tarakona started to appear in my work after attending Taniwha’s Den.  As 2024 is also the Chinese year of the dragon, I went with the flow and allowed them to take form in my paintings. I am pleasantly surprised with my unusual dragons, they don’t have wings, are a cross between a Celtic dragon and my interpretation of a tarakona or taniwha – but they all represent powerful protectors.

This year I developed an awareness of the Taniwha at Taniwhas Den, and the beautiful energy she provides. During the 2024 festival there was a magnificent thunder and lightning storm that had all festie goers sprinting for cover. The next day in the bluest of sky, we watched in amazement as taniwha and dragon-like figures appeared in fast moving cloud formations.  I made a mad dash for my camera, see below for photos, best ones I got I’m afraid.  Since then, dragons have channeled through my work.

The Celtic dragon has long been a symbol of power, strength, and magic in Celtic art and history. In Celtic mythology, dragons were believed to be powerful, intelligent creatures with the ability to shape shift and breathe fire.

For clarity the Celtic people were peaceful, and are modern day Irish and Scottish folk.

Dragons were recurrently used in Celtic folklore to portray power, wisdom strength and protection which is why they are often depicted on Celtic flags and shields. 

2024 is the Year of the Chinese Wood Dragon, beginning on February 10th, 2024 (Chinese New Year) and concludes on January 28th, 2025 (Chinese New Year's Eve).

The Year of the Dragon is a particularly fortuitous one. Those born under this zodiac sign are said to be charismatic, powerful, and attract pure luck. It’s said that their disposition naturally draws them towards leadership, success, wealth, and prosperity. These are seen as ideal traits in Chinese culture, with many people favouring the year of the dragon for making important life decisions. There is often a baby boom amongst Chinese populations during Dragon years, with families hoping that their ‘dragon babies’ will enjoy their innate luck. 

Bruce Lee was born in the year of the dragon, as was my Tane.

Chinese Dragon  Personality traits

Wood Dragon (1964, 2024)

Introverted, innovative, altruistic

Fire Dragon (1916, 1976)

Smart, easy-going, agile, flexible

Earth Dragon (1928, 1988)

Intelligent, ambitious, hardworking

Gold Dragon (1940, 2000)

Natural, straightforward, talented, seen

Water Dragon (1952, 2012)

Persevering, farsighted, vigorous