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Comfy Clothing - Stirling Art Merchandise

Fast shipping nationwide in New Zealand is already included in the prices.

The Stirling Art clothing merchandise range includes hoodies, tees, jackets, sweatshirts or pullover tops, organic cotton dresses and caps.

Our merch is branded with our very own super cute geometric art love heart logo, which also looks like a fox or a dog – inspired by a much-loved sassy Siberian Husky pooch called Sasquatch. 

Most of our range is Unisex. You'll see we've listed men's size, with womans sizes, and included the measurements from the actual garment too, so you can measure yourself and work out the fit.

We sell our limited edition comfortable clothing range formuch less than what the garments cost us to produce – so we don't make any profit from our branded merchandise.

This casual couture clothing range is practical, good quality, delishiously comfortable with a smattering of urban chic – absolutely none of our garments are suitable for the office! YAS!

The Stirling Art clothing range was inspired by the lifechanging work from home swap. Thanks to Zoom gone is the rush, rush of never-ending business meetings. Maybe you also said a happy ‘see ya later’ to the 3-hour daily commute in exchange for dog walking and nature loving too? It is defo liberating to auction off corporate suits on trademe in favour of easy wear, self care comfort clothing.

The problem we found with trying to source and buy comfy clothes like sweatshirts is they’re mostly 100% polyester. Polyester is terrible for the environment and bad for skin if you get Eczema or dermatitis. Plus, 100% Polyester fabrics don’t last, lose their shape, pill, and get annoying bobbly bits all over them.

So, we developed this casual couture clothing range for practically, minimal effort, maximum comfort together with a wee bit of love emanating from the unique geometric art love heart logo. Maybe you, or someone else you know could do with a wee bit of TLC? Or perhaps you're looking for a gift for that special someone and want them to know they're loved? Our hoodies are like putting on a snuggly hug, and 100% cotton tees are hypoallergenic and great for Kiwi skin.

Big heart for supporting Stirling Art.

Positivity is contagious. Spread the love.