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Kia ora! I paint nature's euphoria.

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Bring the dreamy nature vibes.

3D botanic gardens, freshwater streams, floating flowers, tropical beaches, cute creatures and trippy New Zealand scenes.

Large and small, there's a beautiful painting for everyone's wall.

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Customer Reviews

This is the most beautiful piece of art in my house. My whole room is brightened up and I am so proud to have it hanging on my wall. The colors and meaning behind it are stunning. Jeannie is truly talented! You need to see it in person to realise its beauty


This painting is even more beautiful than I expected. Its depth and detail come alive when it's in front of you. It's captivating and is perfect in our room. Jeans' advice and prompt service were excellent. We're very happy. Thanks!

Ann R

I purchased this lovely piece of artwork from the artist who was absolutely awesome. It was interesting talking to her about other pieces in her collection. They are absolutely stunning to look at. I would definitely buy from her again now that I've seen her artwork up close and in person.


I love this painting, it’s even better in real life. The shapes of the leaves and layers of shapes play on my eyes like a real pool of goldfish. This calms me down so much that I think paintings like this should be prescribed as medicine. Thank you!


Love my new painting. So relaxing to view and ponder. Changes across the day so finding new things to hone in on all the time. Find myself drawn into the painting every passing view. Love it!


Jeannie is always a surprise ! She has shared her brightness in this painting with me. I feel happy as I enter the house, greeted by a this work of art and my family. (fyi - I am not even a lover of pink)


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About Me

Full disclosure: I have a Siberian Husky dog called Sasquatch and some loose strands of fur may be forever immortalized in your painting, although I can’t guarantee that either!

In the 90's I studied Craft Design at Whitireia Polytechnic in Porirua. My last exhibition was in 2010 in Scotland, then life left no time for art. The upside of lockdowns was precious time to paint for fun again.

Blessed and proud to be from Porirua. Hugely influenced by Maori and Pacific Island culture.

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