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Cherry Blossom Paintings

The season of a cherry blossom is fleeting but very beautiful. Cherry blossom trees spend most of their lives looking somewhat ordinary but for 2-3 weeks in spring when they bloom. Within the series I’ve tried to depict the 2-3 weeks that the cherry blossom tree flowers.

Known as Sakura in Japan, cherry blossoms have long been a symbol of rebirth and the impermanence of life – a reminder that are our lives are momentary.

The cherry blossom is a symbolic flower of spring, a time of renewal and the passing nature of life. There is a Japanese medieval proverb, “Hana wa sakuragi, hito wa bushi – which loosely translates as “of flowers, the cherry blossom, of humans, the warrior.”

To me, the cherry blossom shows that we can find beauty in life - if we're patient, and we look.

These paintings work as tiles and can be hung together or on their own.