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Unbeelievable Bee Paintings

Oh, hail the mighty Bee. Bees are crucial to the planet as they pollinate nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world's food. 

Please think twice if you find a bee inside. Before it hurts itself, gently catch it by putting a glass over the bee, carefully slide piece of cardboard under the glass and relocate the bee outside. Easy Beezy.

Bees are social and not aggressive. They are often mistaken for the pesky wasp.  But honeybees are lighter in colour. Wasps have distinct yellow, black bands around the abdomen, and are shiny and bald. Bees are a light brown / yellow colour and are 'hairy' so they can gather pollen.

If you find a bee who’s not 100% - please be gentle, because bees only have one sting then they die. Never give honey to a bee, instead find a flower nearby pop the bee on the flower and watch. If the bee isn’t interested in the flower nectar, put some sugar water near the bee to help revive it. Mix 50/50 white (not brown) granulated sugar with water and place it nearby for the bee to reach. Don’t force the bee if it doesn’t take the sugar water. 

Bees don’t live long, and they get absolutely exhausted looking for flowers to pollinate especially in the city. A great thing to do for our environment is to grow bee friendly plants in your garden or on your city office patio. Your local garden centre can advise on bee friendly plants.

C’mon the bees!!