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Birds of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a beautiful and unique flower. I personally love their bright pops of colour and regal posture.

The Bird of Paradise flower is aptly named after it's resemblance to the stunning tropical bird - also called birds-of-paradise.

The plant is a Strelitzia, and is also known as ‘bird of paradise plants’ or ‘crane flowers’, because the flowers are shaped like a crane. Strelitzia are named after the place where Queen Charlotte was born in 1744, in the territory of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. 

The flowers of strelitzia are shaped like a spikey-headed bird and are generally bright orange or yellow and purple. Birds of Paradise is a species of tropical evergreen.

Birds of Paradise is native to South America, and the plant is related to the banana. Birds of Paradise is the official flower of Los Angeles, California

They symbolize freedom, beauty, magnificence, faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness.