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Irresistible Iris Paintings

In the language of flowers, the Iris is a symbol of love and trust. The Iris has inspired storytellers and artists for centuries, and I’m no exception. I love the deep purple and violet blue of their weirdy beardy petals, and the bright pops of colour that bleeds through the flower like ink.

Iris flowers are elegant and stately yet have an unusual structure and appearance. They almost resemble a fleur-de-lis symbol; with undulating edges,  some petals crest and others cascade down. I’m told an old clump of bearded Irises will yield enough tubers to create a whole new garden.

The Iris is a flashy kaleidoscope of colour, and many Bearded Irises are remontant, meaning they may flower again later in the summer.  Just like the rest of us lols.

Like the Iris flowers, the paintings look particularly breath-taking at night.

The series reminds me of the song and album Purple Rain. The passionate purple in these paintings is a nod of recognition to the the late royal Prince of Pop, aka short man in high heels doing the splits. I reckon that feat is easier if diminutive in stature. I'm sensible, so yeah nah, I wasn't ever going to try. But that was the eighties, no ubiquitous pole dancing then.