Happy Matariki Everyone.
Matariki is the star that signifies reflection, hope, our connection to the environment, and the gathering of people. It is the Māori new year and we are celebrating.
We had a beautiful celebration this morning. It was Baltic cold - but wonderful warm company. We had a real fire to stoke our health, heart and joyfulness. Few cyclists almost fell off their bikes to see a gaggle of us out marvelling at the sky. It was a bit foggy, then she appeared for us.

Sending you all a wee bit of Matariki Magic;



I get shivers listening to 'Maiea' by Moana and the Tribe and Megan Henderson.


Republishing this poem, I wrote in the 1990's. In remembrance of a very special man, Pop. Desmond Mokena Te Awa.

The poem was first published in the Evening Post. Later they gave me a job! I'm still forever grateful for the career opportunity, it sent me on my way.

And a HOOGE Happy Winter Solstice Scotland 🥰 Alba!!!